Seeds Production Inventory and Accounting

Centillionsoft Agro Seed Management (RASM) is the logistic software system developed by Centillionsoft. for seed companies from a. RASM covers all operational and management activities in the organization. The system has been designed to manage each seed batch as unique objects. This puts RASM ahead of all of its competitors and makes it a perfect match for the industry. The flexible configuration possibilities of the system, caters for the needs of small, as well as large and complex companies. With support for use in multiple plants and subsidiaries, consolidation of all important information is easy and allows for an accurate enterprise overview.

The production module is specifically designed to manage the process of multiplication of the seeds. The administrative activities in the office are integrated with the activities in the field that monitor the growth of the crop. It includes the inventory management of the stockseed.

The inventory management has been specifically designed to handle seed. It starts with the production of a field. When the first harvest comes in, a lot number of the production field and a unique batch number are assigned. The lot number will never change and groups all batches from a field together.

The processing of seed is a very specific type of primary process. It is a mix of splitting and merging of batches of seed, which can occur at every step in the total process flow. The route a product takes is dependent on the quality specifications and origin of the batch of seed. The processing planning is designed to have the flexibility that is required for managing the routing of a product, while a strict quality protocol can still be maintained.

Controls the physical inventory. Batches can be stored at multiple locations and can also be spread over different plants.

Quality & Laboratory :
Includes all the operational quality activities for handling the samples coming from inventory or processing activities. The process of testing these samples in a laboratory environment and processing the results to get the proper quality figures is completely automated.

Marketing / Sales:
RASM offers the possibility to map a defined market per area, crop, crop type and customer group. This marketing planning module allows each sales organization to define the market position of all their varieties in the different market segments.
Forecasts and Sales orders are connected to the market planning.

Relation management :
The relations are, just as the products, entered only once in RASM and are then available for the all companies. The CRM screen gives a complete overview of historic and actual sales and the financial status of the customers.